About Jessica

Jessica used to write stories when she was younger in refillable notepads with illustrations of ponies with thin bodies and fat legs. Then she decided that being a friendship bracelet shop owner sounded exciting. But she knew she wouldn’t be able to handle customers and she didn’t really want to own a shop so she went back to the writing.

Her short stories have appeared at 3:AM Magazine, The Beat, Metazen, The View from Here Magazine and many other places. (These can be viewed in the Published Pieces page). In 2008 she won the WorldSkills Gold Award for her short story, Jasper’s Betrayal. Extracts were exhibited at the IMAX in London.

She is currently stuck in an endless loop of redrafting her novel plus she has another one hidden away on her laptop's hard drive.

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You can contact Jessica via email: jessica(dot)elizabeth(dot)patient@gmail.com

She tweets here.