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My Favourite Reads From 2013

I read 52 books in 2013. According to Goodreads this equalled to 14,301 pages! I thought that was quite a lot until I looked on Goodreads and there are people on there who read over 200 books - bloody hell! 

My reading has ranged from novels, non-fiction, graphic novels and short story collections. I have read lots of great books this year and I have also abandoned a few books too - life is too short to hang on if it isn't any good. In previous years I have carried on but not this year - my reading time is precious - I have books to review for here and The View From Here plus I have my own reading AND writing. 

Here are my favourite reads from 2013: 

Entertaining Strangers - Jonathan Taylor
I read this book quite early in the year but I knew it was going to be one of my favourite reads of the year. This is a funny, tragic and intelligent story about two men who must change. You can read my review here. Jonathan also popped by and took part in the Q&A: Imaginary Bookshop series. 

Quiet - Susan Cain
This is a brilliant non-fiction book about introverts and the ways introverts cope with living in an extrovert world. 

Make Good Art - Neil Gaiman
This is a great book for creative people. I found this book very inspiring and I have already read it a couple of times when I feel like giving up on my writing. 

You are Not A Gadget - Jaron Lanier
This book looks at the impact of technology on society and the way we are changing, allowing technology to take over. This is an eye opening book. There are a few predictions about outsourcing and the way we are losing skilled jobs which seem to be coming true as people look to use technology rather than humans to solve their profit margins. 

Building Stories - Chris Ware
This is a graphic novel about a building and its residents. The graphic novel is broken down into several sections, all contained in a box, and the reader can pick the order to read the sections. This is definitely not a book to read on your commute as its very heavy. This is a great book about story telling and life. 

Love, Nina - Nina Stibbe
My Mum and Dad bought this for Christmas and it only took me a couple of days to read. I could have read it a bit quicker but all of those roast dinners got in my way! back in the 80s, Nina was a nanny to two boys in North London and wrote letters to her sister. Nina gives us an insight to literary London. This book will have you laughing out loud and read huge sections to the nearest person.

All Dogs Are Blue - Rodrigo De Souza Leao
This novel is a captivating and brilliant stream of consciousness novella about mental illness in a Brazilian asylum. You can read my review here.

The Drowning of Arthur Braxton - Caroline Smailes
Caroline's latest book successfully weaves greek mythology through the everyday life of a teenage boy, Arthur Braxton. This is a gripping book. You can read my review here. Caroline stopped by and took part in the Q&A: Imaginary Bookshop series

The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared - Jonas Jonasson
An old man escapes from a nursing home and goes on a surreal adventure. We also learn about his incredible past. This book will have you appreciating the older members of your family and community and their histories. 

Amity And Sorrow - Peggy Riley
This book delves into the world of religious cults, families and relationships. This is a wonderful book - a brilliant plot with wonderful writing. 

Most of my books are going into storage for most of the year so I am currently thinking of the ultimate 'to read' list to keep me going to at least six months - I have my pile of review books as well.

As usual I will be keeping a record of each book I read via Goodreads. Please feel free to add me. 

What were your favourite books for 2013?