Thursday, 25 August 2011

Fat Girl

Jessie Carty's enjoyable poetry collection, Fat Girl (published by Sibling Rivalry Press) exposes the insecurities we have with our bodies and how we are perceived by others. Carty looks at the question - what is reality when it comes to body image. Fat Girl is accessible and thought provoking. She challenges the reader, with her well-written and honest poems to reflect on their own body image.

Carty's poems are honest, truthful and themes I can relate to in my own life. I was once a fat girl too and I remember being called 'Thunder Thighs' and the embarrassment of swimming. At times I found myself nodding with agreement.

Carty can write entertaining poetry, which can be seen in Fat Girl: The Superhero, and most of them could even be enlarged to flash fiction and short stories because I want to know more about Fat Girl: The Superhero.

Carty looks at the struggles that we all have with feeling uncomfortable in our own skins and does this by creating humorous poems with serious undertones. This is demonstrated in Fat Girl at the OB/GYN - 'Mom told the doctor I needed the pill./ She was sure my love/ of twinkies would translate / to my fat thighs opening at any touch.'

My personal favourite poems from the collection: 1990s Fat Girl, Fat Girl at the OB/GYN, Fat Girl: The Superhero, Fat Girl on Fashion, I'm Trying Weight Watchers, Ill-Fitting. 

You can find Fat Girl over at Amazon or you can find Fat Girl over at the Sibling Rivalry Press website.
Jessie Carty's online home is here:

Sunday, 21 August 2011

How The Duvet Provides An Important Role In The Submission Process

Submitting short stories and flash fiction while wrapped in a duvet is probably the best method for the official submission process. The duvet is hugging you, whispering, 'It'll be okay if you get a rejection, remember it's subjective,' or will be shouting, 'This will be an acceptance. I can feel it in my stuffing.'

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I Went To Pick Up A Prescription And Came Out With A Kindle

Last week I went to the supermarket to pick up my prescription and came out with a Kindle. Unfortunately, Kindles are not available on the NHS.

I feel very 21st Century at the moment.

My books on my bookshelves aren't scared or worried - I'm still going to buy them some new friends every now and then. I still want all my favourite authors in physical form.

My Kindle is great - I have downloaded free eBooks, home brew eBooks and also paid for some books too. Knowing about the 'Page Break' function in your Word processing programme is essential. One of the downloaded eBooks looked a bit messy because the author had obviously used the 'Return' button to create new pages but it didn't translate over to the Kindle - they just produced big gaps on the screen.

Even going outside can't ruin my reading enjoyment as the screen isn't like a laptop or iPad.

I'm not sure if this ideal or even a curse (especially for a book-nerd like me) but it takes less than 60 seconds to download a book from the Kindle store to the device.

I strongly recommend the wifi and 3g version. I know it means saving a few more pennies but it is worth it. The 3g is a one off payment and is available worldwide. Having the 3g, for me, is essential as I'm still surviving on internet via a dongle. Also, when we go on holiday I won't have to take a whole suitcase devoted to books.

They also have an 'experimental' feature which allows you to browse the internet - it does struggle if there are a lot of images - so if you know the mobile address alternative then I would recommend using that as a way to access any sites.

I'm finding my reading speed is quicker and I'm munching my way through books at a rapid speed (maybe this is due to the fact that I'm in bed reading all day because I can't stand to watch another property programme).

You can also have newspapers and blogs sent directly to the Kindle too - a feature I would definitely use when on holiday (I need to go on holiday to use these features!).

I am going to be looking into publishing with Kindle over the next few weeks/months and also having my blog available on the Kindle too. - Will report back.

Anyway I should stop before I start sounding like an advert.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Flash Fiction Acceptance

Just a quick post to let say I have had an acceptance from Referential Magazine. My little piece of flash fiction will be appearing in the near future.

Referential Magazine is an online magazine with a difference. Each piece is inspired by another piece of poetry/story/photograph on the website. So if you're a poet, short story writer or even a photographer then you should consider having a look at the website and get inspired.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Review - The Radleys

I have never read a vampire book. Hold on, I might have back when I binged on Goosebumps and Point Horror but to be honest, I can't remember most of those plots. That period was one huge book blur.

Anyway, I read 'The Radleys' by Matt Haig the other week and really enjoyed it. The Radley family live in a detached house in the suburbs, have respectable jobs, have two children - one girl, one boy, have the people carrier parked on the drive way. From the outside, they are the perfect middle class family. But the parents have a secret. A big secret. They are vampires. Their teenage children find out and it all starts to fall apart.

The short chapters are great and make it very hard to put down the book. I kept promising to read just one more chapter and then another one and then another one. Extracts from the 'abstainers handbook' are funny too.

Think American Beauty but with vampires and a mixture of British middle-class repression.

You can buy the book by clicking on the below link.

The Radleys