Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Writing and Also Not Writing

I only seem to be here once a week, maybe twice. Sorry. I am attempting to finish the first draft's edits. The internet modem is switched off when I get back from work and then I type. Type until my eyes are heavy and my fingers can't type. Chapter nineteen is being added to the already huge file and chapter twenty is waiting in the wings. I'm not writing in my notebook or even creating new short stories. I feel bad about that but all my concentration is on the novel at the moment. Am I putting all my eggs into one basket? Probably. I could end up being the only one who reads it.

When I haven't been editing I have been doing the following:

Listening to Naomi Alderman's Lessons on Book at Bedtime. I normally catch up the day after. A lot of writers seem to write about university for their second novel.

Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas. I think this is one of my favs from Thomas. Philosophical about story telling yet also readable.

I am currently working on Monet's Japanese Bridge in cross stitch.

I am now on season three of West Wing. Plus Glee. I haven't seen the Madonna episode, yet. The writing is so sharp and funny. I don't care if watching Glee is considered low-brow. We can't always be pretentious all the time. 

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dear Chapter 19, or 18, Sorry, I Can't Remember

Dear Chapter 18/19

Deepest apologies for not spending much time on you over the past week. Three pages of edits isn't good enough.

However, I have been busy. Monday was London Book Fair and I was so tired after work that I went to bed early. I did get several new pens and I promise to use some on your pages. Tuesday, as you remember, I worked on you for a while. Crossing out sections, adding new chunks, making characters more menacing and making others stronger. I didn't do much because I watched an episode of West Wing (I'm years behind). Last night, we shared some time together and got another couple of pages written but again you were sandwiched between West Wing and bedtime reading. Tonight, I am going to the cinema to see 'The Ghost.' Its about a writer, so I guess that is allowed, right? I will try to edit you some more afterwards but I can't promise.

I guess I am having 'Editing Fatigue.' I  edited and redrafted two chapters last weekend. I'm not looking for the sympathy vote just for you to understand that I have my reasons for you to still be sitting on my clipboard, probably tucked away under a pile or slung under the bed.

I have also been doing some crafty hobbies too and reading. Chapter 18/19, don't laugh but I am reading some chick-lit. Sometimes it's nice to have a break. Plus over the past week I have won a book, got my mitts on a proof and have a nice shiny pile of books.

I promise to type up my notes at the the weekend. Even if I have to do it early one morning or late into the evening.

With love,

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sandbox up at The View From Here Magazine

I have a new flash fiction piece up at The View From Here Magazine.

Sandbox is a piece about raining sand. I read an article last year about China shooting pellets in the sky to create rain and it got me thinking about other sinister ways this could technology could be used against people.

The story will also appear in the May printed edition.

Thank you View From Here Magazine :)

Friday, 9 April 2010

In Your Face Chapter 15

In your face Chapter 15 - I won!

Somehow, the interwebs stopped working last Saturday. The world was going to end. No more home shopping, no more virtual friends, no more blogging. The end of the world was going to end with a 'we-can't-connect-you' message. But there was a new dawn and Chapter 15 came bursting out with a new plot, new location, same narrator but in first person narrative and shorter.

So now I am tackling Chapter 16 who seems to be more polite and healthier than its sibling.

Writing Haiku everyday is coming on nicely - I try and write one or two before bedtime in my ntoebook. It feels good to be writing something new.

I keep worrying about not having ideas for novel two. Why can't there be books or courses about the second novel? What if I only have one novel inside me? Oh, second novel, why are you cursed? AND why am I worrying about this now - I have my first to edit and nurture.