Thursday, 30 April 2009

State of Play With The Notebooks

I recently saw State of Play at the cinema. The film stars Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Helen Mirren and also the guy from the Orange advert made a cameo. The film is about a government aide being killed and Crowe and his young sidekick (Rachel Mcadams) at the newspaper try to solve the cover-up.
The interesting thing about this film tries to show a difference between the old media and new media by playing on stereotypes and assumptions.Crowe is a traditional reporter. His is the one with books and paperwork piled high like a boundary around his desk. He always has a pen or pad at the ready and because he doesn't really believe in the new way, he has the oldest computer the props team could find. He produces articles as and when he feels like it. McAdam's character is a journalist who blogs and writes new articles every hour for the website. Crowe is always giving her a pen because she never has one when they are out making interviews and following leads. We don't see her desk, but why would we, a blogger doesn't need a desk. They set up shop anywhere and everywhere.
But I blog and I have a desk piled with books, scraps of paper and leads. I also carry a notebook and a selection of pens in my bag when I venture out in to the real world. Actually I have several notebooks:
  • Handbag notebook - plain paper, no lines - I am not really getting on with this one. The last time I jotted something was two months ago. The plain page looks like a snow storm.
  • Work notebook - kept on my desk - making general jottings.
  • A5 notebook - notes about the novel, rests on the desk
  • A4 spiral pad - some of my rough drafts are made in this book.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Will Carol Ann Duffy become Poet Laureate?

Finally some good news for women poets. Carol Ann Duffy has been put forward for the Poet Laureate vacancy. Carol Duffy Ann was one of the first poets whose work I could relate too. In my GCSE poetry anthology we read her poem Valentine and discussed it for only five minutes but I went away researched the meanings and ended up writing about her for one of my exams. I wrote over three pages on the imagery of the onion and how its layers are like relationships. Thank you for my 'B'.
Duffy was shortlisted last time but didn't take the position because of commitments as she was bringing up her daughter.

There has never been a woman Poet Laureate or even a gay one. Lets hope she gets the post.

More can be read at The Bookseller, here and here. The Guardian also has a story here.

Roger McGough is also on the list. I'm sure I saw him mooching around the book fair last week, if not it was a very good look-a-like.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New Fiction and a trip to London Book Fair

I have a new piece of flash fiction on Six Sentences today: 

Just got back from London Book Fair with a bag full of bounty. My feet ache from walking miles around Earls Court. But it was worth it in the end. Had some meetings but also went to some seminars about Arvon Foundation and their courses. I also heard a talk from a Literary Agent. She said that emails that are personal will make her pay attention, also querying first before sending MS is the new way. 

Friday, 17 April 2009

The needle is my pen

My cross stitch project is progressing nicely and I hope to finish this within the next week. I have also bought the Elephant kit too. I'm planning on hanging them together as a pair. 

This week I have been full of ideas. I even went to a coffee shop after week on Wednesday (Escaping from the constant need to click refresh on my emails and to indulge in blog reading) to write half of a new short story. I am starting to piece together the plot on my Macbook and try to finish this idea soon. 

Six Sentences volume Two arrived today. Thank you American Amazon

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A quick post: Busy, Busy Busy.

The novel writing is progressing slowly. I'm not worrying too much because I want to think about the next scene, visualise the surroundings and make sure it will fit into the main plot. 

I have also been indulging myself with the latest copy of Mslexia. Curling up in bed and reading writing articles which are aimed at women and falling asleep mid-sentence. 

Word count: 12,006

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Back to the future to remember the deadline...

I sent ages crafting a short story, editing, reading, even reading aloud one of the drafts because I knew that this story had a purpose. But then I found out that I missed the deadline (I thought I still had time to come home from work and send a quick email but I was wrong). So, this week I have learnt to trust my writing and not to sit on drafts when they could be ready to leave the nest earlier or you might miss the migration. 

Even way to cheer myself I bought a 'Back to the Future' T-shirt because sometimes I like to geek-out.

If I could go back in the past, I would tell myself to have sent the story the day before and not wait until the deadline. 

Words: 11,725 

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Six Sentences Volume Two

Six Sentences  v. 2 has finally landed or at least in the States. Current retailers are Createspace and (soon) Amazon. 

You can get your copy from here

I still don't know if both pieces or if one piece will be inside!