Sunday, 2 December 2018

This blog is getting dusty...


I'm not sure if there's anyone left reading this little corner of the internet. This blog has become quite sparse recently, and my monthly wrap ups have slipped a bit as there have been quite a lot of things happening.

Lets start with the good stuff...

I went away to Barcelona for a week at the beginning of November and let me tell you it's nice to be walking around with no coat on in November (except for that one day where it poured with rain. We did lots of sightseeing and eating in Barcelona (and I'm still not bored of Tapas). The architecture of this city is beautiful - crazy paving, curvy, eye catching. There is also something new to look at as you're walking through the city.

For me the highlight was the Sagrada Familia - a magnificent church, designed by Gaudi, which started to take shape in 1882 and is still being worked on today. They are meant to finish in 2026! The stain glass is amazing and the pictures don't go it justice but if you're ever in Barcelona then I definitely recommend going there. Oh, and definitely buy your tickets in advance online.

We also went to the Picasso Museum, the Gaudi park, the beach, a bus tour of the city, the cathedral and also a quick pit stop at an English bookshop! And that's not the complete list. You can find more pictures of my trip over on Instagram.

I got a kitten too. Her name is Poppy, and here she is posing near the bookshelf (talk about being 'on brand') and she's currently into everything. She is a rescue kitten, after her pregnant mum was found in a field and she gave birth the next day to a large litter of kittens. Poppy loves cuddles, charging around the place and biting - I'm hoping the biting stops soon or I'm going to change  her name to Vampire Cat.

 I have also been working on a short story collection, and I am hoping to talk more about this soon. The plan is to publish most of my stories in a neat little Ebook package. I'm currently at the stage of being unable to decide which stories to keep and which ones to leave out.

So then on to the not so good news. The other week I had some pre-cancerous cells removed, which were found in a routine examination. I've lost quite a bit of blood and I'm currently in lots of pain. I've been worrying about this since I found out in October so my mind for blogging and reviewing was taken up with worrying. As you can see I've not labelled this 'bad news' as it's good that I'm dealing with this before it becomes something more serious.

I will be back later in the week with a wrap up of all of the books I've read during October and November.

Take care,

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