Monday, 2 July 2018

New Story Published

Today my short story, My Daughter's Wings, has been published over at Idle Ink. Idle ink are a UK based online magazine published great stories so do read the other stories if you pop over there.

Originally started back in 2015, then left on my hard drive until an editing and feedback round came up on a writing forum I belong to. The feedback gave me the momentum to rejig the story completely and then I left it sitting on my hard drive to simmer away. This has been one of those stories that you chip away rather than coming out fully formed.

The story is inspired by the Icarus myth

Here's the opening paragraph....

"All I can hear is their laughter, in the next room, probably giggling with each other about something silly old mummy has done today. Turning up the television, trying to get the news programme to drown out their nattering. Those hiccups of giggles from Sophie make me smile – I haven’t heard her laugh for a long time. Only Frank knows how to make her laugh. I’m the one who dabs away the blood, soothe the tears, dashing between rooms with trays of food, deal with doctors. Simmer the tantrums."

You can rest the rest here.

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