Friday, 16 March 2018

January & February's Reading

I have been hibernating for the past 18 months of winter. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration but winter has been long and when the nights are longer then its harder to pull my bum to the desk and type - it's time for sleeping, reading, having candles burning on the bookshelves while curled up on the sofa.

Right, let's talk about the books I've read for the past two months before March finishes...


The Fault in our Stars - John Green
Hazel, in remission from cancer, she keeps herself on the fringes of her life, trying to not make a fuss, tucked away from being a teenager. She knows that the tumour-shrinking medication has been a miracle but she still thinks death is waiting for her. But then Augustus turns up at her cancer support group and her life is about to break out of the confines of her bedroom. This is a sweet, funny and also sad story about being alive and being in love.

Guest - S.J. Bradley
Guest follows Samhain, just as he is breaking into a hotel with his friend, to squat there to escape the horrendous squat they were previously living. This is what Samhain is good at - running away, escaping the truth, turning his back. This is the story of Samhain realising that only he can improve his life and also find out about his past. You can read my review here.

All Grown Up - Jani Attenburg
If you've liked Fleabag or Girls then you're going to like this book. Andrea, a New Yorker, navigates through sex, friendships, work and family. People around her think she's dissatisfied but she enjoys living off-script. This is a modern portrayal of being a woman.


Simon - Alex Masters
This was my work's first book for our book club. Alex Masters tells the story of his landlord, the mathematician, Simon Norton. Simon is an eccentric genius obsessed with maths and public transport. This is a marmite book - I enjoyed the learning about Simon's life but I didn't like the way the narrative was broken up with the author interrupting the story.

Before this is over - Amanda Hickie

Amanda Hickie’s novel captures the fears and hysteria of epidemics and the way people slowly unravel in times of crisis. You can read my review here.

Everything I know about love - Dolly Alderton
This collection of essays explore growing up, falling in love, getting dumped, drinking, and ultimately the love of female friendships. This is a great comfort read.

Here we are now - Jasmine Warga
This is a coming of age novel where Taliah discovers her father and a whole new family. This is a story of family, friendship and music. I'll be writing a review soon for this book!

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