Sunday, 4 February 2018

Victoria Walters's Imaginary Bookshop

Today Victoria Walters's has popped by to take part in the Imaginary Bookshop series to celebrate the second part of her serial novel, Random Acts of Kindness being published.

Three women are in crisis, Abbie is unable to make rent after being made redundant, Louise has thrown herself into her career to escape her unlucky love life and Eszter needs to fulfill her husband's dying wish. They are about to find out when they make a promise to be kinder to others and to themselves.

Parts one & two are now available with parts three & four available for pre-order!


What would be the name of your imaginary bookshop?
Books, Cakes and Tea

Where would your imaginary bookshop be located?
It would be nice to have it near where I live in Surrey but I also love the New Forest and that would be a lovely location for a bookshop!

Would your bookshop have any special features? E.g. a performing stage, a cocktail bar, etc.
As you can tell by the name, I'd have a cute cafe area serving cakes and tea, and a comfy sofa so people could sit and read there.

What would make your bookshop different from all of the other ones?
I would have a board where customers could recommend books to each other. I'd also sell book merchandise like mugs saying 'Bookworm', prints of book covers, and tote bags, that kind of thing. 

What sections would you have in your bookshop? And what sections would you ditch?
I think I'd stick to fiction, especially having a cafe taking up space. So general fiction, crime, classics, sci-fi, romance and a kids section with YA books too. 

Every bookshop needs a display table. Which books would you have on your display table? Why?
As a bookseller, I love making tables. I would display some of my favourite books with some of the other merchandise too. I'd change it up depending on time of year e.g. for February, romance books, Christmas gift books etc. 

If you could run only one author event who would you have? You can pick a living or dead writer. What sort of event would they run?
Can you imagine if JK Rowling came to do a talk ad book signing?! That would be wonderful. If Jane Austen would come back to serve behind the till, that would be amazing too :)

A customer comes up to your till with a copy of your novel and asks you to give them a reason on why they should buy it. What would you say?
I'd give them a free slice of cake and sign it for them if they buy it haha! 

What sort of cake would you offer when launching your book in your bookshop?
Cupcakes with book covers on them of course! 


You can find Victoria on her website, over her on Twitter or even on Instagram.