Sunday, 17 December 2017

Book Review: His Guilty Secret

His Guilty Secret

By Helene Fermont
Published by Fridhem Publishing

Helene Fermont’s latest novel, His Guilt Secret, opens up the reader to a full cast of dysfunctional characters, each one tangled in a web of secrets and lies. Fermont explores the psychological and moral complexities of relationships.

Patricia’s life starts to fall apart the day her husband is found dead in a hotel room, under an alias. Not only does she need to deal with the grief of losing her husband, and their planned future but now she slowly starts to find out that not only was her husband covering up a double life with another woman, but his sister, a drug and alcoholic also knew about the deception. Struggling to find the truth, Patricia must fix the damaged relationship with her estranged twin sister, and try to work out how the woman is who attended her husband’s funeral.

Not only does Patricia’s world start to crumble as she questions the foundations of her life but the people around her must also face up to their past. Loveless marriages, crumbling friendships all breaking at the seams from secrets and hidden pasts.

This is book is full of characters who are not always likeable as they struggle to deal with grief, affairs, addictions, power struggles, toxic families and bitter relationships. Fermont isn’t afraid to delve into the dark and selfish side that everybody has, and gives an insight into the way people deal with the devastating events.

Yet, this book does have hope, that awful circumstances – affairs, deaths, addictions, divorces can make people stronger, and ready to face the next challenge. This exploration into the self can make an uncomfortable read

His Guilty secret is a compelling book, exploring the darker side of relationships, and will keep you absorbed until the end. You can buy His Guilty Secret from your favourite bookshop.

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy.

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