Monday, 11 December 2017

Book Review: The French Exchange Whale and Other Rejected Book Ideas

The French Exchange Whale & Other Rejected Book Ideas
By Cal King
Published by Hodder & Stoughton
Available in paperback & ebook

Its that time of year again - buying presents for writers and readers in your life, ready for Christmas. How about ditching the usual notebook or pen and buy them something to inspire them with their ideas. The French Exchange Whale and Other Rejected Book Ideas might just be the book you never thought you needed but will now actually need...

If you're a writer then you've probably heard many people say to you (both drunk and sober) that everyone has a book inside them. Either you argue the toss with them or politely nod your head, take a large sip of a cocktail and then slowly back away. Turns out that's not true... so finally writers can politely reply with a wiggle of the finger and point them in the direction of this book.

Cal King is bursting with book ideas and thinks most of them are potential prize-winning novels. Yet, having pitched these ideas - ninja nuns, Sherlock's homes - how to make a killing on the housing market and a time travelling gran - publishers don't seem that keen.

But then Hodder & Stoughton decided to take a chance, and put all of these ideas together in one book so readers can decide for themselves if Cal was on to a good thing or that maybe the publishers have had a lucky escape. Full of strange and wacky book ideas and at some points you start convincing yourself that actually these could make a good plot for a proper book...

This is a funny book that writers and readers will love, and would make a great Christmas present and will keep you entertained through those TV repeats and post-Christmas dinner slump. Trust me, you'll be sniggering to yourself so it might be best to not read this on public transport.

You can buy The French Exchange Whale and Other Rejected Book Ideas from your favourite bookshop.

I was sent a copy from the publisher.

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