Thursday, 5 October 2017

Book Review: The Easy Way Out by Steven Amsterdam

The Easy Way Out
By Steven Amsterdam
Published by Riverrun
Available in paperback & ebook

Steven Amsterdam's latest novel, The Easy Way Out, is in interesting novel looking at the end of life care and the right to die. Using his experiences as a palliative nurse, Amsterdam explores the choices people make to stop the suffering from horrendous diseases.

Evan is a suicide assistant, a legal job, where he provides support and care needed for someone ready to die on their own terms. He hands the patient their last drink, being supportive to the patient's family, offering advice, standing on the sidelines for the patient's final moments. He keeps his job a secret from his friends, mother and lovers to escape the people he loves from judging him.

Evan pushes at the limits of the law and his own morality for the patients he cares for. All he cares about are the patients rather than his boss's concerns on Evan's approaches. But more and more he starts to wonder who might be there for him, when the time comes... and life starts to unravel for Evan.

This is a bleak novel about the way people choose die if they had a choice, and the way these types of decisions can leave family and friends left behind wondering about this life choice. Amsterdam has written a sensitive novel about end of life care, and it will leave you wondering about your end of life choices (if you could have a choice). Yet, it isn't all bleak - this book has plenty of warmth and humour.

This book is full of compassion and sad but with dashes of dark humour. This is a sensitive topic for many people and won't be suitable for everybody. The Easy Way Out is available from your favourite bookshop.

I was sent a copy via Bookbridgr.

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