Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Book Review: The Other Us

The Other Us
By Fiona Harper
Published by HQ
Available in paperback

If you could turn back time would you choose a different life?

This question nags away at Maggie, the protagonist in Fiona Harper's latest novel, The Other Us. She comes to resent her absent husband and her empty home after her daughter has gone travelling. Her mind starts to wander to the guy who could have been the love of her life - Jude. If only...

Maggie wakes up to find herself back at university - a crossroads between two men - Dan and Jude. She has a chance for a different life. At first she falls head over heels with Jude but then she slowly realises that the deeper she falls into this life the further away she is from her original life.

I know what you're thinking - been here before, read this type of novel before - but you would be wrong. This isn't just any type of rom-com. This is a rom com with a time travel twist. This is a book about second chances and maybe realising that second chances might not offer the same level happiness as you originally had.

The Other Us shows the reader that we must appreciate what life offers, that we are the only ones who can make ourselves happy before another person can make us happy. Harper has written an uplifting book - something we all need in this unpredictable world.

This is an absorbing story and I found myself unable to put down the book. This is a great comfort read especially for a lazy day when you want to lounge around reading either on a beach, on the sofa or in the bath.

If you loved the film About Time and Sliding Doors or enjoyed reading David Nicholls's One Day then you will love this book. The Other Us is available from your favourite bookshop.

I was sent a copy via the publisher.

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