Sunday, 9 April 2017

March's reads

Best talk about the books read in March before April is over. Somehow, even though it was a busy month, I managed to squeeze in five books. I think I might have already found my book of the year… is that allowed when we’re only April?!

This book was massively popular a couple of years back. I bought a copy but shelved it away as I didn’t want the hype to ruin the book for me. This is a great short fable about Sprout, a caged-hen who is no longer satisfied with laying eggs on command. She has a dream to escape into the wild and to hatch her own egg. Sprout is a plucky heroine in the search for freedom, acceptance, individuality and mostly importantly she’s a rebel against tradition.

This is a powerful book about gender, families and society’s expectations. This is a fascinating book about the way we deal with gender in families and within society. You can read my review here.

This book is amazing, Just believe me. Go and buy it right now. Lindy West tackles feminism, body image, dealing with trolls, and being a woman in this book of essays. This book needs to be handed out to teenage girls. I really wish this type of book was around when I was a younger. Boys should be made to read it especially the ones who body-shame girls. This book is excellent, and I have a feeling it’s going to be one of my best reads of the year.

Laura is left a house and a collection of lost items by her boss, Anthony. She must find the original owners and in doing so she finds that she must let go of the past. This is a sweet story about endless possibilities, chance encounters. I will be reviewing this book in April.

This is a tense novel about marriages, cults and guilt and nostalgia. Birkbeck explores abuses of power, the way a sense of community can draw you into a web of lies and deceit. I will be reviewing this book later in the month.

Don't forget my story, I'll Love You Until The End of Time, is in the Dear Damsels anthology and you can buy it via this link.

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