Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Books Read In November

November was full of great books. There was not one dud in the pack!

So lets not waste any more time, and get straight into looking at the books I read in November...

Grief Is The Thing With Feathers - Max Porter
A young father, a Ted Hughes scholar, in a small flat must look after his children and keep the household running after his wife suddenly dies. A crow visits, and will not leave, creating havoc but also helping the family to heal. This amazing book is part novel, part poem full of sadness and humour. Linguistically playful, the words gallop on your tongue. This is a quick read but I turned back to the beginning after finishing and started again, reading it slower. This is a fantastic book.

Self-Help - Lorrie Moore
This short story collection looks at the complicated, funny, awkward life of women trying to find their place(s) in the world. This collection tells the story of woman being 'another woman' in a relationship, a woman with a terminal illness contemplating her death or a guide to being a writer. Moore is a razor sharp writer. I'm not sure why I've left it until this long to read Lorrie Moore.

Harmless Like You - Rowan Hisayo Buchanan
This is the story of a young woman caught and torn between the life a creativity or having a family with a normal job, and a house in the suburbs. This complex novel looks at identity, families, love and loneliness. This is a good companion book to read with The Lonely City. I'll be reviewing this soon.

Harmony - Carolyn Parkhurst
This tense and gripping novel looks at the way parents struggle with a child who is on the autistic spectrum. Moving to a camp to help learn coping strategies ends up isolating and bringing the family to the brink. You can read my review here.

So what did you read in November?

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