Monday, 17 October 2016

September's Reading

I still feel like it's September but apparently it's not so I better talk about the books I read last month before this month disappears. September was full of addictive non-fiction and thrillers, great books with boring front covers and boring books with fantastic front covers.

Amy Schumer - the Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo
Comedian and actress, Amy Schumer has written a book of personal essays about being an introvert, sexual experiences, her family, about fame and women's rights. I know that some people poo-poo celebrity books (I know because I've been there) but this one is a good one. For two days, I was coming home from work, bypassing the television, putting the radio on as background noise, quickly eating dinner and then diving straight back into this book. I couldn't stop reading this book. Very candid, relatable and funny.

Noah Hawley - Before the Fall
From the creator and writer of the Emmy Award-winning series Fargo, Noah Hawley's latest novel, Before the Fall is a thriller which will pull you into the story, shake you round, dig its claws into you, and make you end up caring about dubious characters and find yourself fully invested in an intriguing plot. This thriller tells the story of Scott, one of only two survivors of a private plane crash. This novel is full of surprises and red-herrings. You can read my review here.

Billie Livingston - The Crooked Heart of Mercy
This is a fantastic book wrapped in a crappy cover. Billie Livingston's latest novel tells the story of three characters, Ben who is having a mental breakdown after the sudden death of this child; Maggie, Ben's wife, who is trying to cope with the death and with Ben's detachment from the world as well as looking after her brother, Francis, a priest with a drinking problem and unlikely Youtube star after a mishap with a police officer. This is an interesting look at the way families come together as well as fall apart when a personal disaster hits. I'll be reviewing this book very soon.

Ali Smith - There But For The
A dinner guest turns up and doesn't leave. The stuff of middle class nightmares! Ali Smith's novel looks at the way this infects different characters who are connected to the dinner guest. This is definitely not my favourite Ali Smith book (but then Hotel World is brilliant). I love the David Hockney cover though!

So what did you read in September?

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