Sunday, 4 September 2016

Welcome to Procrastination Station

Welcome to procrastination station – offering more ways to avoid writing that novel.

I haven’t really been writing recently
I have been thinking about writing so that counts
I have submitted a short story here and there so that counts
I have been making notes for redrafting chapter 27 so that definitely counts.

I’ve been reading and there’s a stack of books on my desk which are all screaming out for reviews – some of them are great reads so I shouldn’t really be sitting around ignoring them when I could be telling you about them.

I have been procrastinating by painting rooms with the majority of the paint on the walls but splashes on the carpet, on clothes, on the sofa (oops) and in my hair - anything to banish the peachy-magnolia walls. I’ve been taking down shelves that look so 1990s and not the good stuff from the 90s. Filling holes, sanding back, and painting and painting and painting. Falling off a ladder, and dragging the already broken blind down with me.

Baking, eating, and going to the gym, burying myself with work, enjoying long baths until my hands are wrinkled, going to a festival at Fulham Palace, enjoying seeing friends. I’m doing all of this to keep busy and take my mind off things as it has a tendency to wander. A couple of weeks ago would have been my wedding anniversary. Nowadays it all feels like the previous year happened to someone else but the other week was quite sad. I kept painting though. The place feels fresher, and I like the way the light shines differently in the room.

Today, four years ago, I would have been on the maid of the mist, getting soaked by Niagara Falls, and drowning my camera with spray from the falls. So keeping busy is the number one thing at the moment – kick start this blog with some scrummy reviews, catch up with some reading. I have also managed to rewrite chapter 27 from scratch in different notebooks and bits of paper so I need to fit it all together and see if it works as a chapter.

Also binge-listening to my favourite band’s* new song – looking forward to their new album.

*but somehow I own the CD cover for the first album but no longer the CD…

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