Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Dreamday Pattern Journals

As well as having a book buying habit (I haven't sinned this month and bought a book BUT we are only half way through the month) I also love notebooks, and I have a stack still waiting for me to write in them but yet I can't resist buying more. So I jumped at the chance when Laurence King Publishing emailed to ask if I wanted to review their new range of notebooks.

The Dreamday Pattern Journals are stylish notebooks not just for writing, drawing or doodling but also for colouring in. Throughout the notebook there are pages with intricate patterns with each notebook having a different them of patterns. So not only can you write away about that fantastic day trip but you can also grab those pencils and pens and add some colour. So sharpen those pencils and make sure you stick within the lines...oh sorry, am I sounding bossy?

I can see myself getting distracted by the patterns and end up doing more colouring than writing but hey it's all creativity!

So for the science bit or rather the practical parts - the paper is thick so you can use a fountain pen and not worry about the ink running and blurring. The pages are plain (except for the ones with patterns) so you can write or draw - for me, this means my writing slow starts to lean like the tower of Pisa as I just can't write in a straight line. The cover is hard but flexible and will fit nicely into your handbag.

These gorgeous notebooks would make a great gift for anyone who loves writing, drawing, doodling and colouring. You can order and buy Dreamday Pattern Journals from your favourite shop.

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