Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Book Review: Back to Moscow

Back to Moscow
By Guillermo Erades
Published by Scribner
Available in hardback and ebook
Paperback is forthcoming

Martin arrives in Moscow ready to write his PhD on Russian literature and women but along the way he focuses this attention more on real life women than his studies. Rather than seeing if real life women have any links to their literature counterpart he starts to full under their spell of mystery and drama.

Full of debauchery, decadency and bar hopping all on a student's budget in Moscow, a city on the brink of change. Back to Moscow, Guillermo Erade's first novel, is full of rich details, pulling you right into the action of Russia.

This is a story about self discovery as Martin tries to escape the pain of his previous relationship with his ex-girlfriend in Amsterdam. He escapes the emotional fall out by only having physical relationships and breaking up with women to avoid commitment. Martin at the start is cold and shallow but as Back to Moscow progresses, he becomes more aware of the fact that life isn't dramatic like literature.

Martin indulges with his fellow students with boozy weekends bar hopping, and bed hopping. Through the nightlife, Erades explores the changing identity of Moscow as propaganda, terrorism and westernisation take over the city. I would consider the city as the main character of this story. The reader watches as it changes over time where people miss the past and the younger generation embrace the changes as Russia opens up to the wider world.

Back to Moscow pulls you straight into the heart of the city with Martin as you're guide. If you loved Animals by Emma Jane Unsworth then you're going to like this. You can buy Back to Moscow from your favourite bookshop.

The publisher kindly sent me a copy.

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