Tuesday, 14 June 2016

May Round-Up

Right, best talk about the books I read in May before June runs out...

I seem to be quite good at reading  four books each month, and these ones were a wide range. Ranging from settings in London, Russia, Boston, Israel, whizzing all the way back to New York. Stories about falling in love, stories about falling out of love, interviews to boost your confidence, stories about spies and religion.

I want to say that my writing is progressing nicely but chapter 25 has been a complete bitch - I have had to start from scratch because the plot was not what I was hoping. It has been a hard slog but I think its now stronger - nothing could be saved from the original draft but that's how it goes sometimes - I really do wonder how some people can write a book in a couple of months.

I need to work on my photography skillz

The Night that Changed Everything - Laura Tait & Jimmy Rice
The Night That Changed Everything is a funny, feel good story, and addictive about falling in and out of love. This is a honest account of life after a relationship. You can read my review here.

Chains of Sand - Jemma Wayne
Two stories of men as they face up to the challenges of their religion, the push and pull of society's expectations and trying to find your dreams during a conflict. I will be reviewing Chains of Sand soon but in the mean time you can read Jemma's Imaginary Bookshop.

Despite the Falling Snow - Shamim Sarif
This is a good thriller with plenty of suspense, intrigue and romance set in Russia and Boston. You can read my review here, and also read Shamim's Imaginary Bookshop here.

The Last Interview and Other Conversations - Nora Ephron
Nora wrote some of the best films like You've Got Mail (yes, the one with the retro dial up Internet love story) and great books. This short book contains three interviews and also her latest interview before her death. I could sit here and copy out the book because there are lots of great quotes like this one - "That very few people end up knowing who you are." Go forth and read this book!


I also had a story published here, based on my experience on getting behind the wheel, First Gear Dilemmas, and I also met Neil Gaiman at the Word Factory event in London.

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