Monday, 2 May 2016

First Gear Dilemmas - New Published Story

From Google, the car looked similar to this but was much more shabbier.
Top Gear presenters watch out...I'm after your job. Not only have learnt to change fuses in my car, but I've been fixing electrical issues, and topping up those levels and making sure the tyre pressure is correct on a regular basis but I also have a driving related piece of prose out in the real world.

Today a short piece, mostly based on reality has been published at Silver Birch Press. My story is about the first time I got behind the wheel of a car, and is part of Silver Birch Press's learning to drive series.

You can read First Gear Dilemmas by clicking this link > First Gear Dilemmas.

First Gear Dilemmas was originally written a few years ago as a much large piece, alongside other car stories based on Ebay adventures and driving mishaps, and were going to be part of a book sized project meant for only one person - that has now gone on the back burner but as soon as I saw the submissions call from Silver Birch Press I knew I needed to pluck up the courage and delve into the 6k worth of words which I had written.

The original person who I wrote this story for will probably not read it but at least the one or two readers of this blog will. I hope you enjoy reading about my first time driving a car.

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Jaguarfan said...

Nice little piece, pleased to see you had it published..