Sunday, 29 May 2016

Book Review: The Night That Changed Everything

The Night That Changed Everything
By Laura Tait & Jimmy Rice
Published by Corgi
Available in paperback & ebook

Rebecca and Ben are the perfect couple - all their friends envy them, they just click and seem solid - this is a couple you think will be one of those magical ones and be together forever.  Rebecca is happy to live in chaos with a messy flat and no desire to cook while Ben is happy to pick up discarded socks, and cook restaurant-style meals in their kitchen.

Yet, a throwaway comment shatters their life together, rips apart their possible future and also questions their past. Will Rebecca and Ben be able to survive this bump in the road or will it take more than a proposal and a 'sorry' to heal the wounds?

Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice's second novel, The Night That Changed Everything reminds me of an interesting, less sugary rom-com film but I don't want to give the wrong impression or put you off - this is about dealing with break ups including the soggy tissues, staring aimlessly at the television, the fear of loneliness rather than the falling in love full of sweet kisses in the park and making plans for the future. If you're looking for a book with realistic characters dealing with breakups then this is the book for you. Although, it's not all misery - you'll be laughing too.

This book breaks out of the rom-com genre with the way it gives a honest account of the end of relationships with characters who you both want to hug and also slap at the same time. Alternative chapters offer glimpses into the life of both Rebecca and Ben as they try to cope with their new reality. Both characters are taken to the brink and pushed into rethinking their futures. The Night That Changed Everything also looks at the impact of break ups on mutual friends, family and at work.

It is also refreshing to read a book where people find happiness after a relationship ends not with a different person but from within and with them self.

The Night That Changed Everything is a funny, feel good story, and addictive. It's one of those books you read in the bath, and keep reading until the water is cold, and you'll need a hot shower to recover. The Night That Changed Everything is available from your favourite bookshop.

I was kindly sent a copy by the publisher.

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