Sunday, 20 March 2016

Book Review: Girls Will Be Girls

Girls Will Be Girls
By Emer O'Toole
Published by Orion
Available in paperback and ebook

Girls Will Be Girls is bloody amazing, so go and read it right now. Let me explain why...

Emer O'Toole sets out to explore why being a woman is about performance by the way we modify our behaviour, our attitudes and clothes to fit expectations of society. O'Toole explores the ways girls do this to feel accepted, and to be part of the 'crowd' when in fact being an individual would give you more power and respect. Cross dressing, relationships, body hair, and the way we use language - O'Toole battles through them all to find out why this performance to be a girl needs to be rebalanced.

This book is witty, honest, and full of personal antidotes showing O'Toole's personal journey on becoming a feminist. This personal tale avoids the book from being too academic with O'Toole confronting the issues with gender, and seeking out possibilities to change the 'norm'. If you like Caitlin Moran then you will love Girls Will Be Girls as O'Toole has the same chatty and informal style of writing.

O'Toole also makes sure the book reinforces the idea that we don't have to agree with everything. We all need to find our own way to our own version of feminism. The message is simple: There are endless ways to be a girl.

I wish this book was available when I was younger as it would have saved me worrying about my body shape and what other people thought of me. This book should be handed out to girls and boys at school to boost self esteem.

Girls Will Be Girls is one of those books which will change the way you think about gender, and the way you present yourself to fit society's expectations.

You can buy Girls Will Be Girls from your favourite bookshop.

I was sent a copy from the publisher.