Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Book Review: American Housewife

American Housewife
By Helen Ellis
Published by Scribner
Available in hardback and ebook
Paperback is forthcoming

Right folks, it is time to stop that old excuse of 'I don't read short stories,' because if you carry on like that then you're going to miss out on fantastic and funny short story collections like American Housewife. Helen Ellis has written a sharp set of twelve stories exploring the underbelly of being a housewife and you're going to laugh your pants off.

We all know the cliched view of a housewife: perfect hair, smiles and manners, making sure the husband can get away with just enough emotional abuse that nobody notices maybe a glass of something before the kids come home from school. Well, Helen Ellis takes this idea and twists these ideas making sure she packs each story with lots of dark wit and humour. Think Desperate Housewives meets Danny Elfman.

Only sinister favours will get you membership of a high-end bookclub or a beauty pageant girl fleeing her demanding family or a novelist who is writing a novel sponsored by Tampax and becomes a prisoner to their demands. The desperation of domestic life and paranoia of perfection brings out anxiety and trust issues in these characters. They must escape form society's clutches of being a cliche but its proving to be very hard.

Each story shows the complex mechanics of female relationships. On the surface it looks great but underneath friends are ready to snap, snarl and manipulate as the pressures of society become too much. These women must decide if they will compromise their lives for the appearance of perfection. If getting to the top means trampling on others then so be it - these are characters with determination.

No matter your martial status you will love and relate to these characters. American Housewife is an addictive read so cancel all of your plans, get comfortable in your favourite reading spot and get sucked into the lives of these women.

American Housewife comes out on the 14th January so pre-order today!

I was kindly sent a copy from the publisher.

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