Wednesday, 23 December 2015

So Christmas is nearly upon us...

So Christmas is nearly upon us...

It’s a time for celebration, cheer and festivities. It’s a time to reflect, appreciate our lives, give to those who are less fortunate and to forgive where possible.

Thank you for all of the likes, comments and messages this year with regards to my blog. I nearly shut it done earlier this year but your support keeps me going. I’ll see you the other side with more reviews, writing updates and guest posts plus my books of the year.

Now, here’s a call to arms – it’s time to spread some goodness and love…

This year hasn’t been the greatest year so I think we need to turn things round a week before the year ends. I’m not asking for a Disney style ending but that we take the time to appreciate the people in our lives, and maybe reach out to those who aren’t in our lives (and maybe they should). Love is more powerful and stronger than hate so lets finish the year with a bit of cheer.

It’s time to tell people that you love them and you care.

Take a second to think about what the world would be if that person didn’t exist or wasn’t in your life – if it brings tears to your eyes then you need to do something about it. I know we can show it with a present or two but sometimes a hug and telling someone you care is worth more. Tell that person(s) either in email, text, WhatsApp but it would be even better face to face. Face the fear, and tell that person you care. Don’t lose them. Do it before it’s too late. Don’t let the person(s) or animal walk out of your life without saying those words. Hugs, and being there for each other can go a long way. Hug your cat, squeeze your sister, give a kiss to the kids, smile to the neighbours.

What if the person you is the love of your life - who could walk away from that potential – a daft person that’s who – don’t be that person. Lets spread some cheer and love – lets not spend the last few days of 2015 hating each other or not appreciating the good things we have in life lets take this time to understand and acknowledge each other.

…and if that doesn’t work then buy the people you love a book!

And if you don't have anyone to love then there's the hope of falling in love with someone/book/film/pet/future plans/friends/family.

Have you noticed how many Christmas songs are actually quite sad but those cheeky sound engineers mix in jingle bells so we glaze over the lyrics. Here’s my favourite Christmas song, a cover of Wham’s Last Christmas by The XX. I love this song so much that I listen to it throughout the year.

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