Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Book Review: Not That Easy

Not That Easy
Radhika Sanghani
Published by Mills & Boons
Available in paperback and ebook

Looking for something to make you laugh then Radhika Sanghani's second novel, Not That Easy, is the book for you.

Ellie is a twenty-something living in a flatshare in London while interning at a London magazine who embarks on a laugh out loud adventure into the world of online dating. This is a warts and all journey - Ellie needs to get past men nose-bleeding while snogging, being bitten on the neck, and flashy bankers. Ellie is a naive character who at times you want to shake her shoulders but also to hug at the same time.

This is a book looking at the issues facing young women in love, sex, friendships, family and work. The push and pull of all of these in this comedy will keep the you entertained.

But this book also has a serious side too. The pressures of society on Ellie to live up to expectation make you want to shout at her. She cares too much about what she 'should' be doing as dictated by society rather that what she really wants. At times the situations that Ellie gets herself into will make you cringe.

The power of friendship keeps Ellie grounded although she stretches her friend's wits to snapping point but her friends stick by here through thick and thin. This is a great book on the power of having people around you who understand and care for you.

Radhika has created a fresh, engaging voice with Ellie. This is an updated Bridget Jones but this character needs to tackle the horrors and 'honesty' of social media as she sets out to find love. Not That Easy has the same refreshing honesty as Girls but set in London.

This is a fun and sassy read and it'll have you laugh your knickers off at Ellie's antics. You can buy Not That Easy from your favourite bookshop.

I was kindly sent a copy by Midas PR.

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