Monday, 9 November 2015

Reading Roundup: September & October

September’s reading is bundled up with October. Things are still chaotic...

There have been things to take my mind off the year’s events but mostly not good things – my sister has had four operations, been in and out of hospital three times.  We have decided to tie her down so she doesn’t float back to the hospital.

I have seen my fantastic friends from university, and they have been amazing this year. We might all live at different corners of the country but I know that they are there. We have all bases covered: marriage, babies, divorce.

I also saw Margaret Atwood speak at an event in London, and it was amazing. I always come away, fired up to carry on with my writing.

I have finished redrafting chapter 18 or have I already mentioned that? Anyway, I’m currently slogging away at chapter 19. I have also been blowing the cobwebs off a few stories, and submitting them to magazines. Nothing is going to get published if it stays on my hard drive. I’m waiting for those juicy rejections to come back and hit my inbox.

My sister’s cat has been keeping us on our toes, and his taken over the role of being the boss. He is currently curled up next to me, making sure I do my blog post. Every time I stop typing he pounces, so I need to keep my fingers moving – actually he could make quite a good writing tool – will eat your fingers if you stop writing the novel – I smell a business opportunity.

And obviously, I dwell on the things which have happened – why have I let myself be in this situation, why have I been treated like this, when will I stop missing…

ANYWAY, back to the purpose of this blog post…

Books read in September and October

The Heart goes Last – Margaret Atwood
This is a dystopia full of fun and humour in a post-credit crunch world where living in your car is normal. Our young couple volunteer for a social experiment – one month living in an ideal home, the next month in a jail – rotating at the end of the month from one to the other.  I treated myself to a ticket to see Margaret Atwood talk about her new novel, and she is always amazing when answering Q&As, and dong public readings. The cat also particularly liked this book as it came with a ribbon bookmark, which he has shredded.

I’ll be reviewing this great novel in the next week. The plot unravels slowly and reminded me of The Great Gatsby and Night Film.

Dying and Killing – Adrian Tomine
Most of my reading recommendations nowadays come from Twitter and blogs. This was one of them. I like graphic novels about real life people and their quirks, and this book delivers on this. High recommended, and I’ll definitely be looking out for more by this author.

This short story collection was another Twitter recommendation. These stories are well written and many of them reminded me of the characters from Girls (don’t let that put you off).  I would be interested in reading Lauren’s next book.

Good Omens – Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
This was my first Pratchett so I’m not sure if this is typical of his style. There were so many characters in this book, and thankfully there was a cast list at the beginning as I would have probably given up.

You can read my review here. Ayisha also stopped by and took part in the Imaginary Bookshop series.

Adult Onset – Ann-Marie MacDonald
You can read my review of this great book here.

Fuck This Journal – Dale Shaw
This would make a great present for Christmas. You can read my review here.

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert
This book explores the idea that we all have creativity inside of us but we must unlock the ‘magic’ from within by simply doing, and making. This isn’t all hocus-pocus. I really enjoyed this book, as Elizabeth Gilbert cuts through the bullshit surrounding creativity.

Adult Onset was my favourite read for September, while Big Magic was my favourite book for October. Right, back to thinking about November…

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