Friday, 9 October 2015

Natalie Goldberg Is A Babe

 I’m in a writing rut but then is it any surprise?

There’s only one thing to do when you need some comfort that you’ll write soon and that the rut isn’t permanent and the solution is to read Natalie Goldberg. I have raved about Writing Down the Boneson many occasions but this time I decided to buy a tatty second-hand copy of Wild Mind.

The first time I read Wild Mind was in the university library while I was studying for my Masters. There was a gap of four hours between two lectures, and instead of heading home (I live over 1.5 hours from uni), I would go to the library, find Wild Mind and read it, sat next to the window, occasionally glancing up to watch the traffic go slowly up Holloway Road.

There is something quite nourishing about Natalie Goldberg’s book on writing. Her zen-like approach to writing is so simple and effective. I only need to read a couple of pages before I’m grabbing my notebook. I have taken her advice of journaling. This is something I have always liked the idea but always found myself struggling but recently I am letting it all out on the page – none of it will ever be read but I have found it easier to write in either the second-person narrative or pretend I am writing to someone, and addressing this directly.

I’m looking forward to reading Thunder andLightning. I’m saving it to read after I have finished the latest Margaret Atwood.

“Writing is hard, but eventually if you are serious, you have to settle and be steady, even though your individual emotions change from day to day about it.”

Natalie Goldberg, Wild Mind.

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