Thursday, 29 October 2015

Book Review: Fuck This Journal

Fuck This Journal
By Dale Shaw
Published by Headline
Available in paperback and ebook

Looking for a funny book to buy your family members and friends this Christmas? Then this book is for you, and it’ll even make a great buy for your enemies.

Fuck This Journal takes the idea of using encouragement and positive energy to unleash your inner creative side and throws it out of the window. You’ll only need your bitterness to explore your ‘cre-hat-ive’ side. Any resentment and anger will definitely help you through some of these exercises to unlock your inner creative.

This is a fun book which pokes fun at the self-help industry, and I’m sure this is the type of book which will be passed round on Christmas day between the family, either laughing at the exercises or shaking their heads, saying ‘couldn’t Father Christmas buy you a more serious book like Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf?’

So add this book to your shelf and dip in each time you want to channel your broodiness into something constructive.

The Twitter account for this book has some great examples from the book, and is worth a follow if you use Twitter.

So throw away those colouring books, and ditch the self-help books because anger, bitterness and nastiness is what you need. Fuck This Journal is available from your favourite bookshop.

* I guess I should have ‘*’ the fucks but I thought we’re all grown ups here. I’m not into censoring…

I was sent a copy by Bookbridgr.

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