Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Reading in August

Books read in August
August saw me actually read an ebook - something which I haven't done in a while but I saw several quotes of the book on Twitter, and I wanted to read it straight away. I also read three 'normal' books too. This month all four books were written by women, and about women trying to find a place in society and breaking away from society's expectations.

Lillian on Life was my book of the month. A woman in her late fifties looks back at her life, and the way it hasn't turned out the way she thought it would when she was younger. You can read my review here. Alison also took part in the Imaginary Bookshop Q&A.

I saw Emma Jane Unsworth read one of her short stories at a reading recently (Faber Social - you should go - trust me!), and that same night I popped into a bookshop and picked up Animals. I loved the energy and voice of this book. It's Girls crossed with Withnail and I.

Live Alone and Like It was my token ebook, and is a reissue from the 30s - this is full of sassy advice for women in the 1930s on being independent in the world, and some of that advice can still be applied in 2015.

Maybe the start of my art collection...
The Secret Art of Keeping Secrets is one of those books that I meant to read but haven't got around to it - I think its because the front cover doesn't appeal to me. I do remember stacking it high when I used to be a bookseller. Eva Rice's novel has been published for over ten years and has been reissued to celebrate! This is about growing up in 1950s London - the world is changing and the teenagers are stuck between the old and new. I will be reviewing this soon.

If you're in North London then you must go and see the House of Illustration's exhibit on Ladybird books. I went at the end of August with a friend, and it wasn't until we saw some of the front covers that we started to remember them from childhood. I picked up this great print, which I'm looking forward to hanging on my wall!

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