Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Guest Post: Colette McBeth's Imaginary Bookshop

Today we have Colette McBeth popping over to take part in the Imaginary Bookshop Q&A. Earlier
this year I reviewed her novel, The Life I Left Behind and it is a roller-coaster of a book. You can read my review here.


Hi Colette, thank you for stopping by and taking part in the Imaginary Bookshop Q&A. Congratulations on the publication of The Life I Left Behind in paperback.

What would be the name of your imaginary bookshop?
Lady McBeth’s Books by the Sea

Where would your imaginary bookshop be located?

Overlooking the sea in a place where it was hot during the day and chilly at night so I could light a log fire.

Would your bookshop have any special features?
The books would choose the reader, a bit like the wands choosing the characters in Harry Potter, so each customer would find their perfect book match every time.

What sections would you have in your bookshop?
One for psychological thrillers obviously and next to each thriller, a lighter, funnier, book to compliment it. I’m a firm believer in lightness and shade!

And what sections would you ditch?

Any celebrity biographies by people younger than twenty five. I know that’s very prescriptive but it’s my bookstore and I feel it’s my duty to save readers from them.

Every bookshop needs a display table. Which books would you have on your display table? Why?
Instead of a display table with cook books, I’d have the chefs make their favourite dishes for my customers to taste because, a) we’d know if the recipes actually worked before we forked out for the books, and b) no one would have to leave to eat lunch.

If you could run only one author event who would you have? You can pick a living or dead writer. What sort of event would they run?
Roald Dahl would run a children’s event every week and every child who came along would have to invent a new, rude sounding word like snozzcumber. There aren’t enough of these words in circulation.

A customer comes up to your till with a copy of your novel, The Life I Left Behind, and asks you to give them a reason on why they should buy it. What would you say?

If you buy the book I’ll let you have a slice of my cake (see below)

What sort of cake would you offer when launching your book in your bookshop?
Lemon meringue pie. It makes the world taste better.

You can buy The Life I Left Behind from your favourite bookshop.

Former BBC correspondent Colette McBeth is the author of Precious Thing, and this year’s The Life I Left Behind, as well as a member of Killer Women.

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