Sunday, 9 August 2015

Books read in July

Books read in July
Not sure how that happened but only two books were read in July...but lets skip over this fact for now!

Writing in July

Redrafting is a s-l-o-w process but I'm enjoying it - new ideas for the novel pop out of nowhere, chapters start in different places or are completely different from their original draft.

Chapter seventeen has had at least five beginnings, and several more middles but I think I have worked out the shape of this chapter. It's still going to need lots more work but I think I have finally cracked this chapter.

Books read in July

The Seed Collectors - Scarlett Thomas
dysfunctional families, surrealism, affairs, drugs and gardening are all mixed into Scarlett's latest novel. You can read my review here.

Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World - Haruki Murakami
I bought this back in February with some birthday money after reading The Strange Library. I really enjoyed this book and I know I'll probably be looking to read some more Murakami - any recommendations? Just like The Seed Collectors, this book also explores the concept of consciousness, the things we do to find internal contentment. This book combines utopias, buildings with no concept of physics and its surroundings, and characters who are lost in their urban environment.

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