Monday, 16 February 2015


The Strange Library is not pictured
In January, I managed to read seven books. Three were by debut authors, two were short stories - one packaged together with illustrations, and another as a collection. Two books were written by celebrities, one non fiction and another a debut. Plus there was one graphic novel, MrGuire's Here - which is brilliant and everyone should read it.

I managed to finish redrafting chapter 15, and chapter 16 is now my nemesis. As well as working on my editing my novel, I have started to send out flash fiction submissions and I also sent out a non-fiction piece. I really want to finish redrafting my novel this year so I'm going to need to speed up the redrafting process!

Books read in January

Not That Kind Of Girl - Lena Dunham
I like the honesty and energy of Dunham's essays. I know that she's a marmite kind of person but that shouldn't hold you back from reading her essays.

The Stone Thrower - Adam Marek
This is Marek's second short story collection, and this collection explores parenthood and the things we do to protect them. My particular favourite stories were Tamagotchi and Remember The Bride Who Got Stung?

Holy Cow - David Duchovny
You can read my review here.

The Ship - Antonia Honeywell
My review will be appearing soon for The Ship. This was the first Curtis Brown book-club book and there were some great discussions with the other readers.

Alice and the Fly - James Rice
You can read my review here.

The Strange Library - Haruki Murakami
This was an illustrated short story, and it was my first Murakami. I'm keen to read more of his books. So do you have any recommendations?

HereRobert McGuire
A graphic novel showing the same angle of a room through different time periods. This is a really interesting book, and I'll definitely be reading this as I'm sure I'll spot new things with a second read. This is definitely my favourite book for January.

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