Sunday, 8 February 2015

Book Review: Holy Cow

Holy Cow
By David Duchovny
Published by Headline
Available in hardback and ebook
Paperback forthcoming

Holy Cow, David Duchovny has written a novel and has become the latest celebrity to scratch that 'novel writing' itch but hold on he has only co-written his first novel, Holy Cow along with a cow called Elsie. So us writers with no book deals can calm down, and get back to scribbling away on our literary mater pieces.

Duchovny has written (sorry, co-written) a modern day dairy tale. Elsie, a dairy farm cow wants to escape the pastures and her destiny - giving birth to a calf, producing milk and then disappearing from the farm. She doesn't want the same fate as her mother or her friends. There's a whole new life out there, and she wants to be part of it.

If you don't like talking animals, and humans that seem oblivious to animals walking and talking their way through airport security then this book isn't for you but if you can suspend your belief then you're going to find a funny book about taking charge of our lives, and not giving into the prescribed way of life . Its Animal Farm crossed with Babe but don't mistake this as a book for younger readers although teenagers will love the humour and the outrageous situations.

Elsie, along with Shalom, a grumpy Jewish Pig, who wants to meet other Jews, and Tom a turkey who is a dab hand at using smart phones, is obsessed with factoids and wants to go to Turkey set off to find an adventure. Together they work together to break out of the confines of the farm, escape the clutches of a hungry wolf. Wearing human disguises and stolen passports they all jet off for a fun, fast-paced, international adventure, full of black humour.

This is a short novel and it will only take a couple of reading sessions. I'm glad that Holy Cow wasn't any longer as by the end the plot between Elsie and her companions had become a bit too preachy about how we should all love each other no matter our race or religion or place in the world that it starts to ruin the humour a little bit.

My head did get stuck in a loop - Duchovny played a writer trying to write a novel in Californication, and now he has written a novel so has he finally lost his grip on reality and become the character he was in Californication....  Just like Californication, Holy Cow is very aware of its self and pokes fun out of the publishing world with Elsie adding in parts to 'sex up' the story for the editor's benefit.

This is udder silliness but sometimes we all need a laugh. And no, I'm not apologising for the cow jokes.

You can buy Holy Cow from your favourite bookshop.

I was kindly sent a copy by Bookbridgr.

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