Monday, 26 January 2015

Short Story Acceptance & Finally Tackling Chapter 15

This has been a productive week, writing wise. I have finished putting together a pamphlet of all of the story stories for a competition (cross your fingers for me), submit a non-fiction piece and carry on redrawing my novel but the biggest bit of writing news is...

I got an acceptance for a flash fiction piece! I'll post some more details once I know them.

Plus I have finally finished re-writing chapter fifteen from scratch. I have been struggling for months (and that's no exaggeration) to make this chapter work - I thought a simple edit would do but then I went away, over thinking it as I normally do and realised that the chapter wasn't definitely working - most of it wasn't necessary but I tried for another month to try and fit it all of the details but still it didn't work. I even thought about scrapping the chapter and pretending it didn't exist. But I think I have written a chapter that makes sense, and I also feel like I can move on to chapter sixteen.

I think the problem with this chapter is that it was written very fast during Novel Writing Month, back in 2013. At the time I wasn't bothered about the plot making sense or having unnecessary characters fixing bolts to doors - I just needed the words. So now I'm left with unpicking the pieces! I'm not sure how people can write a novel for Novel Writing Month and then pack it off to agents and publishers the next month - I'm still redrafting mine over a year later. I know I'm a member of the slow-redrabfters-club but a novel written fast needs editing. First drafts are never perfect!

Chapter 15 will definitely need some more editing but I am going to tackle it in the next round of edits. I want to make it to the end before I make anymore drastic changes.

I have had a sneak peek at chapter sixteen, and it doesn't look too bad... but you never know. It could be worse!

I'll be reviewing some great books over the next few months.
I have also been working on reviews for this blog as well as organising interviews for The Imaginary Bookshop series.

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