Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Don’t worry I haven’t got all ‘bah humbug’ about the blog – I am still here.

Things have been a bit hectic as of late. Back in August we finally moved out of our house (having had it on the market since November and had three buyers) but our new house was delayed as the road wasn't finished so we had to move into a hotel for two months.

I thought leaving in a hotel was going to be very jolly and Jazz-age but it wasn’t. We had to move rooms three times because the lock broke the first time, and then the electrics kept blowing every time we had a shower and the third room smelled like stale smoke… maybe our time in the hotel may make it into a story one day.

We’re finally in our new house and most of the unpacking has been done. I was thought I was a minimalist but it seems I'm not… we've had lots of boxes to unpack but I can’t be blamed for everything - I think it’s 50% books and 50% car parts!

The best part of my desk is the view – I can see over the local school farm at the chubby pigs. I have named them Mr and Mrs Jumper (as they have a pattern across their back which looks like they’re wearing a jumper which has shrunk in the wash) and Spotty Doom (because he was covered in spots). I was on the verge of setting them up on Tumblr and blogging about their adventures but it looks like they’re no longer living in the field. I’m guessing that they have either been taken inside for the winter or they have become Christmas Bacon…I’m hoping for the first option. Oh well, no blog for them so you’ll never know about the love triangle and Spotty Doom’s attempts to win the heart of Mrs Jumper by weeing in her face.

Things are starting to get back to normal – I’ll have some book reviews up soon and I’m getting back into redrafting my novel.

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