Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Book Review: In A Cat's Eye

In A Cat's Eye
By Kevin Bergeron
Published by Authonomy

Kevin Bergeron's debut novel, In A Cat's Eye, explores the secrets and lies we tell to survive.

In A Cat’s Eye tells the story of Willy as he sets out to find out the mystery of his friend, Nancy’s, death. Both Willy and Nancy live in a crumbling boarding house where people on the fringes of society are allowed to stay - on the surface everyone knows each others business but everyone is concealing a secret or two. The police have concluded that her death was either an accidental OD or suicide. But Willy thinks it's murder – The evening before, Nancy talked about moving away and starting fresh. He sets out to prove that there is more than meets the eye with Nancy’s death.

The protagonist, Willy, is very thought provoking - a protagonist who at times behaves like an antagonist - can he be trusted, can I root for him? Willy is an honest, flawed, sly character who lacks self control and reminded me of Forrest Gump with his mannerisms and his attitude. He doesn't want to give up and will battle with the other intriguing cast of residents to find out which one is responsible. Bergeron captures the unreliable voice of Willy successfully but he is a character that I found hard to root for – he turns to violence if he doesn't get the answers he wants and burns a cat with a cigarette. But nonetheless, Willy is an intriguing character - his odd ball moments will have you laughing on one page and then wanting to clip him around the ear on the following page. 

Throughout the novel, Willy is concerned by Nancy’s Virgin Mary statue which disappeared around the same time as her death. This statue is very much like Willy and Nancy’s relationship – he has put her on a pedestal and cannot see past her perfections- the drugs and the reason why people call her a ‘tramp.’ He carries on searching, determined to prove the police wrong. The sharp dialogue makes up for the fact that more description could be needed. 

This whodunit unravels at a quick pace and you will yourself finishing this book in no time. In A Cat's Eye is currently available as an ebook.

Thank you to the publisher who sent me a physical copy.

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