Sunday, 17 November 2013

Doing My Words

I haven't been here for over two weeks - sorry - but I have a good excuse.

I have taken up the NANOWRIMO challenge (writing 50k in a month) to try and finish writing my the rough draft of my novel. It's going okay. Well, maybe not okay. I'm 5k behind my target so it's going to be another intense day of catching up.

I have put reviewing and reading on the back burner. I really want to have a first draft of my novel by the end of the year. NANOWRIMO has definitely given me a kick up the bum. I'm not expecting to send off my novel as soon as the challenge is over - I know that this is 'draft zero' and there's still a long way to go once this challenge is over. It's not even writing any more - I call it 'doing my words.'

I have been tweeting my NANOWRIMO experience over the past few weeks. You can follow me here.

I knew it would be tough and it is especially when you have other commitments but I really want to have my 50k in the bag by the 1st December.

So I might not be here again this month but I will be on Twitter.

Saturday, 2 November 2013