Sunday, 29 September 2013

Book Review: The Deep Whatsis

The Deep Whatsis
By Peter Mattei
Published by The Friday Project
pbook and ebook available 

What do you get if you combine Partick Bateman from American Psycho with the film Up In The Air?

You get Eric from Pater Mattei's debut novel, The Deep Whatsis.

The Deep Whatsis is a marmite book - It's a book that people will love for its irony or people will hate. I don't like Marmite but I enjoyed this book.

Eric is a self-centered, anti-hero who thinks his cool because he works in Manhattan and works for a creative agency. He has been employed by a creative agency to head the creative department but his main job is to sack most of the staff. Most of his days are spent thinking of excuses to sack people, drinking expensive alcohol, taking drugs and trying to dodge New York hipsters.

His perfect life starts to crumble when an intern starts...

It's refreshing to have a main character who is not likable. He is an engrossing character who will dig his claws into you and won't let you go until the last page. By the end you might even start feeling sorry for him. Maybe.

On the surface, The Deep Whatsis could be seen as another book about a guy stuck in a corporate world who has to deal with the consequences of board decisions. Eric has to be the grim reaper while the Directors get to see their share price and profiles increase. But The Deep Whatsis explores the desperation people feel when they want to be acknowledged by their peers, spiraling mental health and the absurdity of modern human behaviour. And there is humour. Lots of humour. WARNING - You might find yourself having a chuckle out loud.

Pucker up because you're in a for a journey with the most unlikable character to be published this year. He might just become likable by the end!

You can buy a copy of The Deep Whatsis from your favourite online or offline bookseller. 

The Friday Project kindly sent me a copy. Thanks, guys! 

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