Thursday, 26 September 2013

Against The Clock

I have been writing against the clock.
Deadlines for competitions have got me back to my laptop and violently hitting the keys, trying to get those stories written and edited.
Leaving it to the last minute isn't ideal but its because I can't make up my mind - enter or not enter - on repeat in my head from the day I have read about the competition until the final few days before the deadline.
It's a race.
Typing, typing.
Editing, editing.
Redrafting, redrafting.
Freaking out because the deadline is literally knocking on the door.
More re-jigging of sentences.
I am either waiting to a few days before deadline for posting entries and praying for Royal Mail to deliver on time or waiting until the last second to press the 'submit' button.

Anyway, back to reviewing, emailing and writing more of my novel.

1 comment:

Sophie Playle said...

I haven't submitted stuff for a long time. Good luck!