Saturday, 20 July 2013

Book Review: Driving Jarvis Ham

Driving Jarvis Ham
By Jim Bob
Published by The Friday Project
Paperback / ebook

Jim Bob's Driving Jarvis Ham is a dark comic novel about fame, loyalty and friendship.

We all know someone who needs to be famous but unfortunately doesn't have the talent. The belief is so strong that they actually start thinking they ARE famous and they start to behave as if they are an A-list celebrity. The main character, Jarvis Ham is a big fish in a small pond. He is obsessed with Princess Diana, slightly creepy, an alcoholic and desperate to be famous. He wants to escape his job of working in his parent's tea room in Devon and wants to do anything to be famous.

Driving Jarvis Ham is part Adrian Mole, part This Is Your Life as we watch Jarvis audition for boy bands, pantomimes and adverts through his diaries. He goes from one disaster to the next with the belief that her deserves to be famous and totally unaware of the people around him. Each audition ends in disappointment yet his ego balloons and pushes his relationships with the narrator and the people around him to the limit. He is a leech, sucking his friends and family for all he can get.

The narrator, Jarvis's best friend from childhood, has stolen Jarvis's diaries and is reading back over them, adding his version of events. Their relationship is one of loyalty from childhood and as this book progresses the friendship is tested until the narrator can not take anymore of Jarvis's antics. At times the narrator is left questioning the friendship and wondering if he would be friends if they had met as adults rather than children.

This book will make you laugh out loud and make you cringe on the next page. This book is a great summer read - easy to get into the story, full of characters who you can easily relate to and there's a twist at the end too.

Jarvis Ham is available from your favourite online or offline book retailer.

Thanks to the Publisher for sending me a copy. 

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