Sunday, 9 June 2013

Reading Habits

The other day Me and My Big Mouth wrote a blog post about his reading habits. I have decided to copy the idea.

Here are my reading habits:

  1. I don't tend to buy many hardbacks - they take up a lot of space in my handbag and it feels like I am carrying a brick, they take lots of space on my shelves, they make a thud on the floor if you fall asleep reading BUT I do buy hardbacks of my favourite authors. 
  2. I don't like to fold the corners of pages so I use bookmarks, postcards or receipts. 
  3. BUT I don't mind breaking the spine in a book. 
  4. There is always a to-be-reviewed pile (at the moment it takes up most of a shelf), which inflicts guilt on me. I tend to read review books in batches of four and then I take a break and read something that I want to read for pleasure. It also gives me time to catch up with writing the reviews.
  5. I can read mostly everywhere - in the bath, at lunchtime, in the gym's lounge area, bed, etc.
  6. I used to have a Kindle. Now I don't. I prefer paperbacks. This means I will need a bigger house within the next few years. 
  7. In the past I have binged on certain genres (horror and chic-lit) and now I'm not that keen to read books in that genre unless I have seen them recommended several times. 
  8. I get my recommendations from bloggers and twitter. 
  9. I don't tend to read over-hyped books. I HAD to read The Da Vinci code for university. I have not touched 50 Shades of grey. 
  10. I give books star-ratings on Goodreads. The ratings are organic and I will go back and change them up or down. The ratings are for me - nothing sinister - I like to keep a record of the books and how much I enjoyed reading it and how it compared with the author's previous book or with the other books I have read recently. 

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Anne said...

I could have written this post myself! Except that I've never had a Kindle - but I agree with every other one of your points.
We could be book twins!