Thursday, 27 June 2013

Guest Post: Jasper Gibson's Imaginary Bookshop

Recently I read and reviewed and loved Jasper Gibson’s A Bright Moon For Fools. You can read my review here

Jasper has kindly agreed to take part in the imaginary bookshop Q&A.


Hi Jasper, congratulations on the publication of your novel, A Bright Moon For Fools and thank you for popping over to Writer’s Little Helper. I thought I would give you some questions that you may not have already answered before.

What would be the name of your imaginary bookshop?

Where would your imaginary bookshop be located?
In every town. Branches of Chairface are all linked by book-lined tunnels. It’s really one massive, octopus-like underground emporium.

Would your bookshop have any special features? E.g. a performing stage, a cocktail bar, etc.
Free and excellent coffee

What would make your bookshop different from all of the other ones?
It would be a sci-fi/Borgesian bookshop run by Chairface, a Buddhist robot, with an infinite arrangement of mobile brass shelving units organised by Chairface’s quantum brain so that the sections rearrange themselves in line with your train of thought.

What sections would you have in your bookshop? And what sections would you ditch?
All sections. Nothing ditched.

Every bookshop needs a display table. Which books would you have on your display table? Why?
Chairface: A User’s Manual

If you could run only one author event who would you have? You can pick a living or dead writer. What sort of event would they run?
Dickens, giving a reading

A customer comes up to your till with a copy of your novel, A Bright Moon For Fools and asks you to give them a reason on why they should buy it. What would you say?
Buy one for the price of two and you’ll get the second one free

What sort of cake would you offer when launching your book in your bookshop?
Pineapple Upsidedown

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