Sunday, 16 June 2013

Book Review: Sixteen, Sixty One - Natalie Lucas

Sixteen Sixty One
Natalie Lucas
Published by Authonomy 
Paperback / ebook

Natalie Lucas' memoir, Sixteen Sixty One is one of those marmite books. You should definitely give this book a chance - the writing grips you and doesn't let you go even through the uncomfortable parts of this tale.

Natalie's story begins when she is fifteen and she becomes close to her sixty year old neighbour. The relationship starts off as a father-daughter relationship, spending hours talking and debating about literature, philsophy, art and music. But slowly their emotions start to change...

This honest and open memoir explores how Natalie's relationship with her neighbour spirals into an illicit affair and how it shapes her life. She becomes entangled by manipulation and threats until she is isolated from her peers and from her family.

She struggles to break away, fighting to fit into the world around her. This is more than a book with back-to-back sexual adventures but more about a personal growth and trying to find strength from within.

There are going to be people who are not going to like some of the graphic scenes or even that agree with the subject matter. But Natalie's experiences need to be told and she does this without glamourising or falling into the sentimentality trap.

You can buy a Sixteen Sixty One from your favourite online or offline book retailer. 

I was sent a copy by the publisher. 

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