Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Book Review: A Bright Moon For Fools

A Bright Moon For Fools
By Jasper Gibson
Published by Inside The Dog Press
Hardback / ebook

A Bright Moon For Fools is a hilarious debut by the founder of thepoke.co.uk, Jasper Gibson. Harry Christmas, a con man, a drunk and still grieving for his wife and baby's death, is trying to escape his girlfriend's psycho stepson, escape 'the rot' of modern life and also escape from his inner demons. He sets off on an adventure across Venezuela.

Gibson successfully captures the culture, the people and their lives in Venezuela. A country on the verge of change is a great location for a man trying to resist change but at the same time he is looking for a fresh start.

Harry Christmas is not your usual sort of character. He is complicated. One side of him is a romantic, wanting to fall in love but is still grieving for his wife and their baby. He does not believe in being politically correct, will con people, will lie and is happy to create havoc. At times it is hard to be sympathetic to his cause but Gibson makes sure Harry Christmas is a lovable rouge, hilarious eccentric. We watch his life spiral out of control and at times he is verging on a mental breakdown but Christmas always picks himself back up and heads to the next incident. He always seems to evade death and even convince the police that his is innocent.

This book isn't just a comedy. Gibson also tackles the issues of grief and its effects on people, mental health problems, modern life and its trappings. Christmas's isolation in a foreign country also represents Christmas's isolation from other people - the only way he can connect is to make up lies rather than let people see the 'real' Christmas.

A Bright Moon For Fools is a funny, enjoyable read and is perfect for the summer months. I'm looking forward to reading Gibson's next book.

Stop by on the 27th June as Jasper is the next victim for my Q&A Imaginary bookshop series. 

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I was sent a copy by the author.

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