Thursday, 16 May 2013


I wanted to write a blog post about how busy I have been on writing chapter seven and how easy it was to plan this whole novel.
But I'm afraid this post isn't going to look at how well I am writing my novel.
I have been procrastinating.
I haven't been slumped on the sofa, daydreaming, letting my creativity dribble out of my ears.
I have been writing something else.
Instead I have started to work on a few non fiction pieces about our dysfunctional car history. I am hoping to write about my first driving lesson when the exhaust fell off, the car that needed ten hours worth of welding and the car that went for an MOT and the Mechanic told us that the car had at some point been involved in a crash and had been written off.
Apparently, this is called positive procrastination.
The other day I needed to write a couple of book reviews but instead I worked on my novel.
So my brain wants to play games. Next weekend I am going to write a 'book review.'

I have been cleaning up my blog recently. I now have a new page called Current Projects. This page does what it says it does on the label - I have listed my current writing projects.

Do you find procrastinating can lead to positive creativity in other areas?

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