Thursday, 2 May 2013

Do You Suffer From Doubts When Writing?

We all have them when writing. 
Big ones that stop us from writing.
Little ones that make us pause.
Am I good enough?
Is chapter six completely shit? 
What if I am writing this novel for the next fifty years?
If I miss the deadline then it means I am not a good writer. 

They follow us around like a little black cloud. They lurk just out of sight, lingering in the background when you're making progress with your writing. 

The party manifesto in most 'how-to' writing guides and text books tell you to push those sorts of thoughts out of your head. Yes, they are right to a certain degree.

Sometimes you need these to improve your writing.

Honesty is one of the things you REALLY do need when writing.
You need to be able to trust yourself.
Have the confidence to make a decision.

Doubts are good when you’re struggling with a story.
Last week I wrote quite a chunk of chapter six – 1200 words.
I wrote most of it in one session – that’s good for me. I can normally manage 500-ish words.
Shut down the computer. Took a step away.

This week: I don’t think chapter six is quite right.
Too over the top. Too much dialogue. 
I tried a few ‘free writing’ exercises to try and work through the story.
I need to chop the beginning, most of the middle and all of the end.
Chapter six is currently 200 words long. 

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