Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Book Review: A Fucked Up Life in Books

By BookCunt
Published by The Friday Project
Available as an ebook

Can you remember what book you were reading when life’s major events were happening to you?

BookCunt can.

A Fucked Up Life In Books is a book that will having you literally lol-ing out in public. This book tells the adventures of book blogger, BookCunt. She has taken the best bits from her blog and combined them with new additions for her book.

This book is a hilarious, yet touching look into her social-awkward life and her reading habits. This is a honest and raw memoir. We discover the book BookCunt was reading while having sex, the book she was carrying when your mother seriously considered selling BookCunt for 30 camels and we learn why reading in public is dangerous.

One of my favourite chapters is when she is in her boyfriend’s house and inspects his bookshelves to see if he is the ‘right sort’ of person. I do that too – have a nose a other people’s bookshelves. A glimpse into a person’s reading habits is a great way to know a person.

A Fucked Up Life in Books is an absorbing read. The publisher sent me a copy a few weeks ago. I always like to read a few pages before adding books to my ‘review’ pile but with this one I kept reading. I was finished within 24 hours – only stopping to sleep and work.

It’s only available as an ebook at the moment but I think it would make a great book to have at till points in book shops.

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