Sunday, 21 April 2013


Yesterday I went to the Get Writing conference held at the University of Hertfordshire. It was a great day full of informative talks about writing and the writing business, meeting folks from the internet and books. 

The first three pages of my novel-in-progress was shortlisted in the Get Writing competition. I am really chuffed with this as I have only been working on my novel since Christmas. Entering the competition also forced me into thinking about a working title. My novel is currently called 'The Complications of Overfishing.' I might ditch the title at some point but I like it at the moment. 

I haven't been writing as much I would like but I am hoping to get back on track - I don't want this novel taking four years to write and edit. This is what I have been up to for the past couple of weeks: 

Spring is finally here

First Pimms of the year

Walks in the countryside

Watching Arsenal play Everton


Mike French said...

Congrats - wish you had won I had my fingers crossed for you, but still a great achievment to get shortlisted.

Sorry in my dash to leave I forgot to say bye - but was great to catch up with you and chat. Hopefully see you there again next year :-)

Vanessa Gebbie said...


Fiona Pearse said...

Congratulations! Very impressive. You've obviously on the right track. Hope it is an inspiration.