Monday, 29 April 2013

Book Review: Shoeless Joe

Shoeless Joe
By W.P. Kinsella 
Published by The Friday Project
ISBN - 9780007497478
Available in paperback and ebook

Shoeless Joe, which inspired the film Field of Dreams, is a delightful American fairy-tale of love, fighting for the American dream and baseball and has recently been give a new lease of life by The Friday Project.

Yes, this book is about baseball. 
But I'm not a fan of baseball, I hear you cry. Neither am I. 
But there's more to this book than baseball. 
Shoeless Joe is about following your dreams, magic realism and relationships. 

Ray Kinsella lives in a farm in rural America with his wife and young daughter. Baseball has always been in Ray's life especially when times are tough. He needs baseball more than ever when his mortgage payments start to slip. Ray is an Everyman - an average man who rises up against every day struggles. Sometimes faith doesn't have to be about religion but it can be about clinging onto the things you feel passionate about and don't want to lose.

Ray is on the verge of bankruptcy and has his brother-in-law lingering on the sidelines, waiting to snap up the farm. A voice tells Ray to build a baseball pitch on his land. He slaves away at the land and builds a baseball pitch. The ghosts of disgraced baseball players slowly disappear. Ray's sporting hero, Shoeless Joe appears along with the rest of his team who were all banned from baseball after a match-fixing scandal in 1919. Ray heads out on a road trip and along the way he picks up a fictionalised J.D Salinger and takes him on his journey of self discovery and baseball.

This book is sentimental but sometimes you need a comfort-blanket sort of book. It's nice to have a book that's about letting go of society's expectations and about being true to your self.

You can buy Shoeless Joe in either paperback or ebook from your favourite book retailer.

I was kindly sent a copy by the publisher. 

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